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YIREN’s automatic dough mixers are designed to effortlessly blend ingredients. They are ideal for commercial kitchens, bakeries and food processing factories, this machine saves time and labor. dough mixers’ advanced features ensure consistent dough texture, while intuitive controls simplify operation. Built for durability, our mixer withstands continuous use. Upgrade your dough-making process with ease.


  • High capacity for large batches.
  • Powerful motor for efficient mixing.
  • Variable speed control for customizable mixing.
  • Durable construction for heavy-duty use.
  • Easy maintenance with removable parts.
  • Versatility for various dough-based products
Dough mixer

Dough Mixer Machine Series

A dough mixer machine is a vital piece of equipment found in commercial kitchens and bakeries, streamlining the process of mixing and kneading dough for various baked goods. Typically comprising a large mixing chamber, the machine efficiently combines ingredients such as flour, water, yeast, and additives. Its motor-driven mixing mechanism, often featuring rotating beaters or a spiral hook, blends the ingredients thoroughly, while simultaneously kneading the dough to develop its gluten network and elasticity. Variable speed control allows operators to tailor the mixing process to achieve the desired dough consistency. Once complete, the dough is ready for shaping, proofing, and baking. In essence, a dough mixer machine simplifies and accelerates the dough preparation process, ensuring uniform results and optimizing efficiency in commercial food production environment.

Dough mixer machine
Stainless steel dough mixer
Dough mixer
Cooking Dough Machine
Dough mixer
Increased Efficiency

These mixers significantly reduce the time and labor required for mixing and kneading dough, allowing businesses to produce larger quantities of dough in less time.

Consistent Quality

Commercial and industrial dough mixers ensure uniform mixing and kneading, resulting in consistent dough texture and quality batch after batch.


These mixers can handle a wide range of dough types and volumes, making them suitable for various applications in bakeries, food production facilities, and commercial kitchens.

Durability and Reliability

Designed for heavy-duty use, commercial and industrial dough mixers are built to withstand continuous operation, ensuring long-term reliability and minimizing downtime for maintenance or repairs.

Why Choose YIREN's Dough Mixer For Industrial and Commercial Uses?

YIREN’s dough mixer stands out as the optimal choice for industrial and commercial applications due to its blend of efficiency, consistency, durability, versatility, and safety features. Designed to streamline dough preparation processes, our mixer significantly reduces time and labor demands in bustling commercial kitchens, bakeries, and food production facilities. Its precise mixing and kneading capabilities ensure uniform dough texture and quality batch after batch, meeting stringent industry standards. Constructed from high-quality materials, our mixer withstands the challenges of heavy-duty use, guaranteeing reliability and longevity. From bread and pizza dough to pastries and specialty mixes, our mixer’s versatility caters to diverse dough types and volumes. Choose YIREN’s Dough Mixer to optimize efficiency, consistency, and safety in your industrial and commercial dough preparation processes.

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Dough Mixer Applications

Bakery Production:

Automatic dough mixers are commonly used in bakeries to efficiently mix large batches of dough for bread, rolls, pastries, and other baked goods.

Pizza Restaurants

Pizza dough requires thorough mixing and kneading, making automatic dough mixers essential in pizza restaurants for consistently preparing pizza crusts.

Commercial Kitchens

In commercial kitchens, dough mixers are utilized to prepare dough for a variety of dishes such as pasta, dumplings, and desserts.

Food Production Facilities

Food production facilities use dough mixers to prepare large batches of dough for packaged products like frozen dough balls, pre-made dough sheets, and baked goods sold in supermarkets and stores.

More Information



  1. How does an automatic dough mixer work?
    • An automatic dough mixer typically operates by combining ingredients such as flour, water, yeast, and other additives in a mixing bowl. The machine’s motor powers a mixing mechanism, which thoroughly blends and kneads the dough to the desired consistency. Some models may offer variable speed settings for customizable mixing.
  2. What types of dough can be prepared with an automatic dough mixer?
    • Automatic dough mixers are versatile and can prepare various types of dough, including bread dough, pizza dough, pastry dough, and more. They are suitable for use in bakeries, pizzerias, commercial kitchens, and food production facilities.
  3. What are the advantages of using an automatic dough mixer?
    • The key advantages of using an automatic dough mixer include increased efficiency, consistent dough quality, versatility in handling different dough types, ease of operation, and time savings compared to manual mixing methods.
  4. Are automatic dough mixers easy to clean and maintain?
    • Many automatic dough mixers are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, with removable components and smooth surfaces that facilitate thorough sanitation. Regular maintenance, such as lubricating moving parts and inspecting for wear and tear, helps ensure optimal performance and longevity of the machine.
  5. What safety features are typically included in automatic dough mixers?
    • Automatic dough mixers often incorporate safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop buttons, and safety interlocks to prevent accidents and ensure operator safety during operation. It is essential to follow manufacturer guidelines and safety protocols when using the machine to minimize risks.


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