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Biscuit sandwich machines are essential equipment in the food production industry, specifically tailored for creating filled biscuits on a large scale. These machines streamline the process of placing a precise amount of filling, such as peanut butter, cream, or jam, between two biscuits to form a sandwich, ready for packaging and consumption. Designed to cater to various production demands, these machines combine efficiency with consistency, producing high-quality biscuit sandwiches that meet consumer expectations and industrial standards.


  • Automated sandwich Assembly
  • Stainless steel and aluminum for cleanliness and durability.
  • Emergency stop buttons for operator safety.
  • Designed for large-scale production of high-quality sandwiches.
  • Easy machine cleaning.
  • Simple operations for speeds and cream volume adjustments.

Biscuit Sandwich Machine Series

Biscuit sandwich machine is an industrial device engineered to automatically assemble biscuits with a filling in between. It functions by depositing a controlled amount of cream delivery, peanut butter, or other fillings onto one biscuit, then capping it with another to form a complete sandwich. This process is integral to the mass production of popular snack items worldwide.


Automatic Cake Sandwich Machine XYD-D1
Cream and Jam Sandwich Biscuit Machine XYD-B
Mung Bean Biscuit Production Line XYD-003
Biscuit Sandwich Nougat Machine XYD-A2
Cream Sandwich Biscuit Machine XYD-A
Two Materials Filling Cookies Machine
Accurate Filling

Accurate filling is a pivotal feature of biscuit sandwich machines, ensuring each sandwich is perfectly portioned with the right filling. Advanced sensors and control systems monitor the cream delivery process, maintaining consistency across thousands of units. This precision contributes to the uniform quality of the final product, a crucial factor in consumer satisfaction. Whether it’s a dollop of peanut butter or a swirl of chocolate cream, the machine’s filling accuracy means that each biscuit sandwich replicates the last, preventing waste and ensuring each bite delivers the intended flavor profile.

High Output

Biscuit sandwich machines are designed to achieve high output, easily fulfilling the demands of large-scale production. Combining continuous operation, high operational speeds, and efficient sandwiching mechanisms results in an impressive volume of finished products. This high output capacity is essential for businesses looking to scale their operations and meet the needs of a broad consumer base. The ability to produce a high volume of biscuit sandwiches maximizes profitability and ensures that supply can keep up with demand, maintaining a company’s competitive edge in the marketplace.

Reduces Labor Costs

The automation provided by biscuit sandwich machines significantly reduces labor costs. By performing multiple tasks, such as loading, filling, and assembling, these machines eliminate the need for a large workforce dedicated to these processes. As a result, manufacturers can reallocate their human resources to other business areas where they can add more value. Furthermore, the consistency and reliability of the machines mean that fewer employees are needed to supervise the production line, allowing for a more streamlined and cost-effective operation overall.

Continuous Operation

Designed for high-demand environments, biscuit sandwich machines can run continuously for extended periods. This uninterrupted operation is essential for meeting the production targets of large-scale manufacturing facilities. The continuous flow of biscuits through the machine translates to a consistent output without the need for frequent stops and starts, which can disrupt the production rhythm. The durability of the machine’s parts plays a crucial role in its ability to operate continuously, with stainless steel and aluminum construction providing the necessary resilience against the rigors of non-stop production.

Why Choose YIREN's Biscuit Sandwich Machine For food Indsutry

YIREN, based in China, offers a variety of sandwich assembly line equipment tailored to your needs. Over our 15-year journey, we’ve grown from a team of 2 to over 100, boasting a stable technical team and extensive industry expertise. Our equipment allows for the filling of bread, cake, cookies, and biscuits with a range of ingredients like chocolate, cream, jam, cheese, nougat, peanut butter, and more. Driven by customer and market demands, YIREN continuously enhances product quality and service, aiming to satisfy customers and contribute to society.

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Biscuit Sandwich Machine Applications

biscuit sandwich machine for Cookie Manufacturing

Cookie Manufacturing

Biscuit sandwich machines are commonly used in the production of sandwich cookies, where two cookies are sandwiched together with a filling such as cream, chocolate, or jam. These machines automate the process of sandwiching the cookies, ensuring uniformity and efficiency in production.

biscuit sandwich machien for Snack Production

Snack Production

In the snack food industry, biscuit sandwich machines are employed to produce a variety of filled biscuits or crackers. These machines allow snack manufacturers to create products with different fillings and textures, catering to diverse consumer preferences in the snack market.

biscuit sandwich machine for Dessert Manufacturing

Dessert Manufacturing

Biscuit sandwich machines find applications in dessert manufacturing, particularly in the production of ice cream sandwiches. These machines sandwich ice cream between two biscuits or cookies, creating a convenient and delicious frozen treat for consumers.

biscuit sandwich machine forFood Service and Catering

Food Service and Catering

Biscuit sandwich machines are used in food service establishments, catering companies, and institutional kitchens to streamline the production of sandwiched biscuits for events, parties, or commercial food service operations. These machines help food service providers meet demand while ensuring consistency in product quality and presentation.

More Information

How to Use a Biscuit Sandwich Machine?


Using a biscuit sandwich machine involves setting up the sandwiching equipment, including the tray loader and cream pumps. Operators can select from different cream flavors and automatically fill sandwich biscuits with cream. The machine often features a six-lane configuration, which allows for double deposits and a significant increase in production output.

Each aspect of the biscuit sandwiching machine, from the servo-driven components to the innovative technologies, is designed for maximum efficiency. Individual control settings allow for specialty shapes, ensuring that each biscuit with cream meets quality standards. Automatic production ensures continuous operation, reducing labor costs and increasing the efficiency of the production line.




1. How does a biscuit sandwich machine work?

Biscuit sandwich machines typically consist of conveyors, biscuit feeding systems, filling dispensers, and sandwiching mechanisms. Biscuits are fed into the machine, filled with the desired filling via dispensers, and then sandwiched together before being conveyed out for packaging. The process is automated and can be customized based on the specific requirements of the product being produced.

2. What types of fillings can be used in biscuit sandwiches?

Biscuit sandwich machines are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of fillings, including creams, chocolates, jams, nut butters, and even savory options like cheese or spreads. The choice of filling depends on the desired flavor profile and consumer preferences.

3. Are biscuit sandwich machines customizable for different biscuit sizes and shapes?

Yes, many biscuit sandwich machines are designed to be adjustable and customizable to accommodate various biscuit sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. They may feature interchangeable molds, nozzles, or adjustable settings to ensure compatibility with different biscuit specifications.

4. What is the production capacity of biscuit sandwich machines?

The production capacity of biscuit sandwich machines can vary depending on factors such as machine size, configuration, and speed. Industrial-grade machines can produce hundreds to thousands of biscuit sandwiches per hour, making them suitable for high-volume production environments.

5. How do biscuit sandwich machines ensure product quality and consistency?

Biscuit sandwich machines incorporate features such as precise filling dispensers, sandwiching mechanisms, and automated controls to ensure consistent product quality and portioning. By automating the sandwiching process, these machines minimize variability and maintain uniformity in the size, shape, and filling distribution of each biscuit sandwich produced.



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